Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My thesis :D

Been editing a postmanship thesis that my hubs is mentoring and decided to write a thesis of my own. been thinking about it for a while. Also, I've decided to draw my own comic 'stort story', so that's all on my to do list.

After a thorough consideration (a minute or so of full-throttle brain activity), I've decided to write about the one thing i know A LOT about:

Socially maladjusted hermit/wanderers or self-sufficient worldly nomads? 
The happenstance of literary and/or manga characters, who use the knowledge, acquired away from the comfort zones of protagonists, to often act as deus ex machina and keep the moral of lead characters from unhinging in moments of trial...

I was gonna propose this thesis to the General and explain my love for Snufkin and Urahara as my exhibit A, but I lost him at 'socially'...


Vanessa Abbate said...

At least in that way, you already have your one thesis ideas. You would find it hard to formulate ideas and information for your thesis topic as you already plan it ahead. Well, it would certainly be good to plan things ahead to avoid problems and mistakes in the long run.