Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mo'o' my soap

Ah, Nashville, Nashville... Up again and down again and up again ...
      What are the odds Gunnar's bro will mess things up for the little duo when time comes for them to jump onto Rayna's merry train?
       ... Deacon as depressed as ever. But the only thing better than having him in centrefold, is getting Liam back. I adore Liam. Adore. Adore the emo hairdo, adore the fact he's humping Rayna and being very adult and extremely boyish at the same time. Connie Britton is ten years my senior. Michiel's four years my junior. He's lovely, but I like how there's no real chemistry between them, just that overly underlined 'I just wanna step out of my life for a spell' thing. That thing that's not lovers, not business partners, not friends, not competitors, not players but a mix of all of the above, all wrapped in one very productive duo. 

       In this episode Rayna misses her cue, twice, and the important people notice, like Juliette. but then Liam shows up in that hat, and I'm not gonna write about anything else.

         Isn't it funny how men, whom I would not find the least bit attractive in the real world, spark such fan-based hunger in me? I worship fiction. It's that one thing that can inspire arousal better than anything else - a parenthesis to all the things that the real world inspires release. And creativity is the bridge between 'em.


It's St. Valentine's day. I won't write what the hot hubby and I did to celebrate it this morning, that's private (and no, it wasn't sex), but he's off at work for the duration of the day and that just blows. The snow is so high, dogs can barely swim through it. I'm doing the last, finishing touches on Gorgie. Though I think I'm gonna pack the dog, the camera and the pad and march uphill to have lunch with my parents, stopping at the General's to steal a kiss on the way there and back again. 
            Pity it's not sunny. It would make for the most wonderful photos.