Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Watching Asia's next Top Model on YouTube HD.. Kinda refreshing. I skip the drama, mostly because I have a hard time telling between the girls. They're all Asian. I love them all. And at times I think they only have one camera. Like they're all using the MkIV. The lead hostess is kinda unhappy she has to host and the Caucasian panel guy seems stoned most of the time, but

The makeup is pushed, everything is exotic. I love that.
The outfits and scenery is Bollywood, another plus.
Helena. What a little psycho. Her storyline rocks.
Great photographers. Not retired models. Real photographers. Big plus.
I like the contrast between the pomp and high stakes of the Oriental elite and the shyness and humbleness of the girls. I especially enjoy Trang. She appears retarded, because she doesn't really speak English, but she's talented indeed. She just doesn't really know what she's doing most of the time.