Saturday, 9 February 2013


Ye, it's official. I love country music above all else. Though, after finally figuring out who my favourite singer is, he's not country. This question was asked of me weeks ago by a 10-year old and I hate not being able to answer ten-year olds... Took me a long time to decide whose voice I would trust with singing my everything. So far, the one voice I love above all others, is Freddy Mercury's. Though I don't know him as a person very well (we share the feat that on stage we are both very extrovert and off we are both extremely shy.), I have nothing but awe for his professional contribution to my musical upbringing. Such as it was :))

Now to my next big question. Last puzzle was how to measure the weight of people added to water in a bowl already elevated. My next physics puzzle is - if a room under pressure is punctured and begins to hemorrhage pressure fiercely into a lesser pressure environment - would a bullet fired through the hole be derailed by the exhaust force? Probably. But what would math have to say about it?