Friday, 15 February 2013

Meteor blast over Russia ... jeez fuck what bad newsroom coverage that was ...

Few hours ago I watched the blast caused by a meteor over some godforsaken Soviet town on YouTube and then passionately awaited REAL TV to tell me what happened. I nearly, seriously blew my pants from rage what fucking sensationalistic crap THAT was. Dunno if the retard who presented the news writes her own text or some other high school tabloid-wanna be does it for her, but oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck how bad did I feel for the professor she was guesting. 

The way she said it, an asteroid - while another one, worth billions of trillions of dollars is supposedly nearing Earth - bombed a town in Russia, creating massive crater, injuring thousands of people, who were clearly bombarded by a shower of blazing pebbles in their cars. It narrowly missed a nuclear plant and a missile silos' and caused all over hysteria and babies crying.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me. 

It was a ROCK. That exploded in the AIR. It was A LOUD rock, because it was very FAST. It was a WORTHLESS rock and as far as nuclear plants go - you can't throw a stick in Russia without hitting two nuclear plants and four missile silos'. The injuries were mostly from cheap glass and windows that were shattered by the noise. NOBODY got HIT by it. Supposedly a bit fell into a lake. But for fucks' sakes. a hundred of these falls on Earth's air mantle every day. Every shooting star is one. No need, at all, to start building bunkers and fucking arming your children against zombies and buying nuclear winter supplies. Jesus Fucking Christ. I would fire whoever wrote that story.