Friday, 3 May 2013

Favourite movies

I imagine how folk assumes the likes of me list favourite movies: all three Lord of the Rings, topped by Hobbit (or at least the existing third of it), and something like Casablanca or Citizen Kane thrown in for good measure. (Like people whose favourite books are the Twilight series and Dostoevsky.)

Naa, though. Not at all, really.

There is no ONE single favourite, I wouldn't be able to decide on that one (Same goes for books, actors, songs and coffee flavours), but here's a condensed list. They came and stayed, lingering on as parts of my brain.)

Immortel ad Vitam
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. (For those sceptics who don't know it - Priscilla is a bus, not a lady and the ladies in the desert are trannies.)
Pillow Book. Wish I had a good copy of this one. 40 giga blue ray or something, like The Blade Runner (which could also make it to my list, tweens section.)
Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen. And it's amazing this movie got to me so, considering I cannot stand the lead actor. He was directed extremely well as the heir of Allen's method.
Kill Bills. The movies i watch on planes, trains and buses. Which I take a lot.
Nausikaa of the Valley of the Wind (followed tightly by the rest of Miyazaki.)
Monsoon Wedding as romantic movies go
Shawn of the Dead as horror movies go
Deja Vu as action movies go
Imagine Me and You and two girls in love movies go (Which i prefer to Tipping the Velvet.)
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Hero, Sakuran as Asian favourites
Holy Smoke
Kung Fu Hustle
Prometheus, for obvious reasons (though I am very impressed with other Alien moies as well.)
Stranger than Fiction
Tigerland, perhaps, among the war movies
and perhaps The Magdalene Sisters to keep myself at bay.

I could go on now, that I am in the zone, picking up The Blade Runner where I left it, continuing with The Station Agent, doggie movie Zeus and Roxane, Serenity (Because of Firefly), Pitch perfect, Strings and so on and so forth. I really really like movies. I allow them to shape me. Keep a strict diet, too. Strictly absolutely nothing going with old writers dying of Alzheimer's or depressed junkies committing suicide...