Thursday, 23 May 2013

Nasville season finale ://

Nasville ended for the season - or did it? Well, yeah, it did, it'll be eons before the next season comes along and until then we'll have to wait to find out:
- did Scarlett say yay to Gunnar and was that a good idea?
- Did Rayna and Deacon survive and if they did, are they in a coma and if they are not, do they have their necks broken or vocals damaged or fingers cut of or whatever trial awaits these fine but unfortunately self-destructive people. (Good thing I'm not talented enough to be this crazy. Mixed blessings.)
- Is Juliette going to become a devastated crazy lady or grow as a woman and a star?
- Teddy whatever
- Pregnant chick - no surprises there. Doesn't ANYONE have safe sex anymore? And I hope the guy learns and does the paternity test sooner this time. 

Kudos to make-up people. Or onions.