Sunday, 19 May 2013

Had SUCH am amazing stroll yesterday (I mean today). I've monologued almost the entire time, a passage for the beginning of the second chapter of Goose, in which the lead heroine is off to track down the perpetrator of the golden goose legend and she simply starts in an undefined time, undefined rural place, on a road through forests and fields. No rush. Just the absolute sensation of freedom an namelessness. Remembering how her parents would leave her be like this whenever she felt like leaving them go ahead and she just walked home until she was tired, then she hitchhiked. These days it's different, because the General is uncomfortable leaving her/me like this (and NOTHING could possibly happen, nothing but some really freak accident, like stepping on some really random snake or being bumped by some really random car). Making sure she/I have my phone and something to drink on me. Even though there's a forest creek running alongside the entire track. But he doesn't let me drink water in nature. And I have to call him when I get too heated up and tired (typically about an hour after the road starts being asphalt or if it's narrowing noon.) And there's that element of walking without music and - lo and behold - without camera. This is somewhat a part of my 'a day without screens' diet, though that one never stuck. (Nothing beats slacking the Sunday afternoon playing WoW) That helps me fight the urge to document everything and leave certain things as passing, fleeting memories even, just for myself. 'Mine'. Perfection, eternal and ever changing, a show for an unreliable witness, the memory.
Perfect stroll, really :) General even made me eat ice cream at the end, to cool me down. Course then I slept for 12 hours. But come Monday morning, I'll be freakishly rejuvenated. :))