Sunday, 5 May 2013

RIP, Tito, cool dude

33 years ago our very own communist dictator died and people still kind of get teary eyed when we think about it. The DJ yesterday (as yesterday was the date) said that regardless of the fact people have been trying to re-write the history and make the golden age seem ugly and mean, fact is, the song he chose was perfect: End of the World by Skeeter Davis. The really cool dude died and it's been downhill with this country ever since.

I was 3 when he went, just shy of. Mum and Rockstar were just talking about how Rockstar went on a school trip and how much he had to pay for it. And I asked what happens with the kids who can't afford to go. I asked mum, because I honestly never thought these things had to be paid for, if she had to pay for my trips and she said 'course, but back then the money they asked for was nothing. And if any kid really couldn't afford to go, it was common courtesy for every other parent to chip in a little and the school to add to it to, so we always all went.