Saturday, 11 May 2013

Star Trek: Into Darness... Kinda ... meh...

It is very spectacular, really really well done, the ship is beautiful (got new engines, new core, new uniforms, the lot) and there's a lot of really impressive shots, mostly of shit being blown up. There is a LOT of people shooting other people. Like, Nyada the Ship's Communication Officer is all over the place shooting people. Two gay super-species dudes fight to death and she beams down to shoot at them. Don't they have, like, security officers to do that? Or are the Star Fleet graduates expected to handle science as well as hardcore martial arts?


Cumberbatch was sublime. His face could sink ships. Literally. There's so much form in that face it actually makes you want to not upset him. cause then he goes really ugly. I could just watch him the whole movie. Just him. Crying, screaming and being beaten. Another cool actor that went from skanky Brit character player into a hunky American villain. We've seen it with Hiddleston last year, now we have Cumberbatch. Kinda makes you wonder (and wipe drool), who's coming up next?

This scene was so beyond stupid that you start to wonder did this woman's agent pay a million dollars just so she could be in it?

I have NO fucking idea what this was. ZERO. Like, ZERO. That was like the worst casting EVER. No fucking clue who this actress was or why they felt the need to shove her into an otherwise lovely plot. She was awful. Like, January Jones in the X-men First Class awful. THAT awful.

But Nimoy made an appearance again, which was cool. And Bruce Greenwood's character makes Cris Pine's character No. 1 four seconds before being killed to death. Again.