Thursday, 23 May 2013

Found out yesterday that the editor threw all my stories and all the poems out of the travel articles for the Little Karlins. That made me feel so incredibly stupid. So incredibly - why the fuck did I ever bother writing ANYTHING - all she ever wanted was to know the stuff that's on the web sited: where places are, how to get there, where to FUCKING PARK!!!!!!!!!?????, how much are the entry fees and how much do local hotels cost and where you can eat what. This is what they wanted. Oh, yeah, and what will their fucking kids think of the event. What fucking event???!! There's no text about events left. 

This is a baaaaad time to feel this fucked. About a week left. I am supposed to draw stuff for them and write the intro. I cannot write the intro. I hate what they did with the book. I fucking hate that my name is going to be on it. It's so incredibly fucking boring. They (or just she, I don't know.) took out every single fucking witty, funny, adventurous line. They said they want an original, now it's less than a copy of a copy.