Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May 1st

Labour day. The wake-up morning march band at 5:45 wasn't as pompous, lavish or lenghtly as I remember it, thought we left the windows wide open, so it was perfectly loud. We were napping, almost awake, but i still jumped :) Kudos to them. 

Yesterday, I wanted to move a stone weight for a wine press mum was using as a pot in the middle of the yard. It's in the nature of men of my family to laugh at me when I have these ideas, but the joke's on them: who's the only person in this family that didn't fail physics at middle school? That's right. Yo!

Herein comes my passion for levers. I just love levers. What has a ton-heavy weight stone on a bunch of people with iron staffs, led by my calculative brainpower? Nada. An hour of yelling, arguing, pushing one another, trials and errors and a bunch of good ideas that just happened to be correct and the stone was moved 10 feet - where I wanted it. there was also a toad underneath it that my sister rescued. (It wouldn't really have been worth it if we'd had killed the poor toad during. it was scared stiff as it was when her home of fifty or so generations suddenly upped and rolled away.)

I was watching a telly show on Josiah Wedgwood. It made me think. The Age of Enlightenment came from a ripe time for a revolution - a non gory revolution. People were in need and stuck and then an industrial revolution came. 

This is a ripe time for a revolution. I'm sure they're even happening as we speak, someone inventing something outstanding. Not all dire needs have to lead to desperate wars. Wars only make rich people richer and shut the poor up by making them worry about their own necks. 

Sometimes a revolution can actually be, you know, fun.