Friday, 23 August 2013

B day buzz

The moment mum and dad bought me Kershaw's Hitler, I stopped reading it - because now of course it's mine and I don't have to force feed myself all that information which, in a short period of time that i have the book from the lib., kinda all blends together. I can easily return the damn thing (it's pre-reserved a lot, so the waiting list is for ever and the time allowed to have it is shorter.) Okay, so now I've switched to Steve Jobs bio. The first few pages are pretty cool. You don't often read bios in which the main protagonist is an asshole. This is my second one. I love how the wife agrees the author should stress this bit - that Jobs was an asshole, because sometimes being a nice guy simply doesn't contribute to the planet enough. He says - there are many things I regret, but not much i want to keep secret now. Also, I really like that he admits his terrible fear of dying, like turning a switch and points out none of his products actually have an on and off button. That little bit of info seems so kind of wonderful.

This year, I have very little wishes (as last year I wanted the magnificent make-up kit, which I ultimately obtained and still use almost every day). G is getting me a precious something, which will also be fun to use, we are spending some time in the spa, friends and family are getting me sweets and books and it's all pretty delightful. We did some petty shopping yesterday, General bought himself a new gaming mouse and I got an acrylic starter set (only ever used acrylic once before to paint a bee-hive panel) in a cute wooden case. We observed I am as thrilled to get a 20 buck painting case as I would be a new Mercedes, which is why he loves me so much. What the heck would I do with a Mercedes?

The plan to take mum and dad out for coffee while we shop for books kinds didn't go though, as these two have never mastered the concept of sitting down for idle chitchat and downtown buzz - but it was a morning well spent anyways. When fun, my folks are silly fun.

General is slightly upset over his slow recovery, he is getting bored and restless. It will last a little while longer and he is uneasy over the fact they had to remove a part of his bone to fit the ruined muscle tissue graft - which is what is hurting him so badly now. Poor duckie. I really need to find him something to do. Such men are stressed when idle.