Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sad face :(

We haven't really been apart for more than a day in the past six and a half years. It feels kind of stupid, really, knowing he's somewhere, missing me as well. Of course it's just a half hour drive away and he has free food and spa and pools and whatnot, but it really isn't much of a consolation prise. Here there's Warcraft and me. You just can't top that. 

Part of me is happy that he's unhappy. He's been wanting to go to the spa vacation since our first trip to Africa and since then, he's been spoilt by adventure. Now he's paying quite a bit of money (well, his insurance is plus certain extras for being alone in the room), but the room is minute and dull, the TV is small and picture is grainy and twitchy. The bed is hard and small, pillows are weak, balcony views to nothing. There's no WiFi in the rooms, weather is grey and drizzly, it feels as lonely as it gets.

It has to be like that. So he'll be able to next time fully appreciate my versions of events :D

I think I am going to love this year's autumn. I loved the summer. It was magnificently painfully hot. Now I will welcome colours and fogs and rain and chilly evenings. I have decided to love all seasons equally. Just so that I can make an exception. :D

Am writing him letters as if I am on one battlefield and he is on the next. I left him with  the Jobs bio.