Friday, 30 August 2013

Lost In Translation for the fourhundreth time

... I soooo like this movie, so so much. I watch it periodically ... all the time. In fact if I was into drama, this would probably be even more favourite than Priscilla, and Sofia Coppola is certainly one whose work I can always look at ...


But I cannot help to think poorly on how Charlotte behaves towards her husband, at least until she starts making friends. I happen to know how damn hard it is to book gigs of that magnitude  and I also happen to have a spouse who tends to act actively bored while I'm trying to work. We don't have the same outdoor pace. To me indoor is just a phase between action and to him action is just the necessity between indoors. So if I ask him or if he comes with me to a shooting job, I am constantly aware of how unhappy he is being there. For some reason he simply cannot see the locations or the people or the technicalities or even the rewards of what enthrals me - which can be very, very frustrating. We always had discussions about what if I have to leave someplace really cool for a week, but he would refuse to come with me. I would hate to be away from him. But he would hate to wait for me in the hotel room. I am not sure I resent that, as we are all different, but I certainly cannot relate to it. I love the opportunity to be housed and fed and left for half a day in places that are unfamiliar. If the roles were reversed, I would be over the moon. Sleeping with him at night, eating with him in the morning, but on my own during the day? In a foreign city? That would be the ideal arrangement. The last thing I would do is hate my idleness while he's doing his job.
      ... Of course on the other hand when it's time to do our taxes, i throw a screaming fit and throw things and he nails it within an hour.
     So that much about that.