Friday, 9 August 2013

Morning storms :)

It is getting difficult to inhale, the air is so dense. We started the doggie walk at 5:30, but as soon as dawn broke, the show started. Two massive storms circling in. Nimbuses around us are blinking and rolling booming barrels. When lightning strikes very close by and the cracking ripping sound shakes the street, it always feels like a wooden battleship just fell from the sky. The two colliding nimbus's right now aren't either large or low enough to bring havoc on their own, but all around the sky is closing in. Large, hot rain falls scarce. It will fall better later. The colours are very dark and very rich. Oranges, blues, greens, purple. Everything is in the shadow and yet glowing. The power will have to take a break in a minute, so I imagine the rest of the early morning will be spent with me reading to the General. We're at "Breakthrough at Tolmin" by Rommel. It's a detailed account of a bunch of guys taking back Spindle mountain near Isonzo. Perfect read for a lightning storm.