Thursday, 8 May 2014

Back, from the wilderness of the Capital. Am super tired but energized to the point of spending another three hours writing up an essay. I got Marki cleaned (though I haven't tested the results yet, too sleepy) and am a proud owner of a new Bryson book (One summer.) It was an almost perfect stay, great company, great food, excellent lectures, excellent elevation of ambition - even the weather was picturesque. Only fucked up issue were my Sunday school shoes, which gave me so many blisters levitating aches. Am considering flippyfloppies. Will post the essay soonish, but first I want to kiss and be kissed into unconsciousness. No amount of sublime ice-cream can console me from sleeping a single night without G. I suppose that's why I never really bother signing up for international seminars and weekend trips to cool places on my own. At some point all I can think about is how much I want him to be here to see me when I am so happy.
Cause these were actually really cool days.