Friday, 30 May 2014

X-Men - Days of future past

Dunno why, but American movies just aren't doing it for me anymore. I blame La Grande Bellezza. When was the last time I was really impressed by an American product? Gravity?

Everything in this movie is great - performances, 70's fashion (Oh, yes, Gods :D), scenery, James McAvoy's face, Jen Lawrence's body, Michael Fassbender's hair; the story, the budget, the effects, the whole shenanigans, Quicksilver's scenes were the best. But... I am still not convinced. I don't know why.

One thing I can point out is the annoying discrepancies in realism - on one hand you get that odd handy-cam realistic effect, like all this was actually happening, but on the other a guy gets shot though the neck - THROUGH - and there's hardly even any blood. He just ignores it, as if he didn't really need any of those muscles and veins.

 And another thing I was really bothered with, was Mystique's vagina. She is supposed to be naked and yet she continuously uses her legs to fight people. In every scene she's moving you can only stare at her boobies bouncing and in every fight scene all you can ever think of is: man, did she just drown that guy's face with her twat?!

Is it just me or is Ian McKellen a terrible actor lately?


Top rated site for Day Trip Alaska Bear Viewing said...

Really, though, this is an excuse to let the all-star casts of the original trilogy and 2011's swinging 60s prequel share the same screen space while the effects crew comes up with nifty new gags and suitably spectacular set pieces.