Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bad fewd

Had to drop the maple syrup diet, because it started to give me health issues, so now I'm on overcooked rice and juiced veggies... I took a pinch of cinnamon to spice the last bit of rice up,
pretending it's dessert, and it's now burning a hole in my tummy.

Imagine I actually killed myself with too good food. That would be the mother of all ironies.

Though, come to think of it, my grandma died of that. When they got prisoners out of Auschwitz, the rescuers tried to do them a  favor and fed them spiced goulash. Her chances would have been a slightly better percentage without that goulash, though probably she was long dead, she just lasted as long as she could pass on in her own bed, holding her husband's hand. I hate to talk to dad about this, because I know his dad was too important for the Nazis to punish for his rebelling, so they took his wife as a hostage. I hope dad's forgotten details, in fact. Those are just grief and hollow victories.