Friday, 30 May 2014

Some kind of a happening at the library site. Weather sucks, otherwise it would feel very sea-sidey. Energetic pretty girls are rocking Zumba in the Roman lapidary and there's a tiny fair selling cute little decorative things I gladly cannot afford. Little schoolgirls with little cameras circle, future model-reporters for their high-school boyfriends to admire. I'm waiting for nightfall. Supposedly there will be pretty lights. There's some cute youngsters in costume, making all this slightly surreal. Always a plus, when you're on decaf. 
I was just thinking. I do that sometimes. It's supposed to be good for your digestion. One contemplation thread was about how much smaller i felt when I was employed. Is that how people who are working for other people feel? Do people who work in offices feel like ants? 
Another thing was, how much I tilt my camera when I do reportage. No idea why I do that. I'm sure there must be some sort of a grid within the oculus to assist me with that, but I would love to see myself consciously quit that. 
Third. Money. Having money makes me nervous. I always worry it will slip away on things I don't really need, just think I want. That's why my preferred state is being cash poor. I get my account locked down (G. takes away my cards and codes) until I save up for something expensive. Like a new lens. Or, you know, Fuji. 
I should probably go closer and aim to take great pickies. But I am okay here. Unambitious, invisible and grand.