Saturday, 24 May 2014

Tai ji saturday

 Tinka is unbelievably hot shit :D She looks and moves like a ninja! her center is impressive. Ahh, to have the patience of such composure.

Unlike yesterday, shooting the riot-support concert, shooting a Chenjiagou Taijiquan session today is a Zen state of karma. Yesterday's nervous buzz, constant fussing and loud arguments and music are replaced, like turning a new page, by a completely wordless (I love wordless!), completely timeless exercise of atonement of the body with the Lifestream. Or something. I dunno what they are trying to find, I just know it looks awfully peaceful and purposeful within a moment, within a muscle.
This suits me ideally. I am catching up on eight months without a period, bleeding like a pig and cramping like a hedgehog in labor, bent almost double from tension and that terrible knowing you're leaking gallons of acidic red paint. So all I have to do today is sit in silence and take photos of people doing elaborate forms with their limbs. It looks real gentle. But it can take your esophagus out if you underestimate it, smoother than a whisper. A tiny Chinese master of something is doing bizarre contortions and the rest of normal humans are trying to mimic him. The hall is bright and there's just the sound of clothes, parquet and outside traffic. Nobody really expresses anything. Compared to yesterday, this is serenity.
Minus the leaking bit and minus the part I am so busy and tired I actually can't sleep, the night was lovely, hot and humid, there was some kissing and some sleeping entanglement and a fresh new dawn. Saturday mornings, if they're sunny, have a certain kind of empowerment to it. General and I made a small tour of the town to purchase some food for me in case the weekend doesn't offer any and some batteries. My bag is really getting annoyingly heavy to have to carry and maneuver with on a hot day. I need to find a way to liberate my back without sacrificing agility of the gadgets.. Or maybe I should just enchant them to be feather light. I really am going to have to invest in something with wheels eventually. Small school children, old ladies and me. 

Haha, tiny Chinese guy is so bendy that any kind of combat move made against him is a no-win. He is fast as a snake and unlike Caucasians, who hate to bend and squat, is always doing just that. You really have to pin him down to hit him, but of course by the time you stop hitting air, he's putting his foot in your ear and having a moment. Really makes me want to wonder how guys like that have sex. Do they have sex? There’s just something too adorable about Asians. The age well. May we keep him? :P