Saturday, 3 May 2014

First dinner

I cooked my first diner tonight. Normally I go fetch it or I make something sweet. General is the one who cooks around here. I am a terrific baker, but I can't cook to save my life. (Still can't.) But we bought a zillion things, veggie-wise, from the market and Bio shop and I cut it all into neat little stripes (I can't name them in English, but they all had vitamins), including the tofu and seitan (which I still can't tell apart and still think is just spongy nothing with soy sauce on it.). apart from over-preparing it and too much soy sauce (too salty), it was fine. It'll be much better tomorrow. Though General's eye started twitching when I mentioned I made enough for two days.


(Not my pickie, we didn't have rice with it, though we will someday.)


Tina Teršek said...

ooo, looks yummy. would not expect more colors on the food cooked by artist :p

Pix said...

Unfortunately, this isn't my photo :D

Tina Teršek said...

oh! what a shame! :D

Pix said...

Mine looks brown a gooey. :D