Sunday, 25 May 2014

Off to the field again...

Gonna be a hard, loooong day. I'm still in my underwear and in a few minutes I'll be fully geared in an eastbound ride to the trenches. LoL. 
I think it did me good to be in the army. Or I am a natural born soldier. Either way, the feeling is powerful, into the field again :D
Big gig today. Big money. Nothing can really go wrong and everything can go wrong at any time. I've Tinka as an assistant right by me, which is always half the victory. Lots of driving. Dense time table. Any number of variables. Heuristics and impro all the way.
Best kind :D

I'm in a mood for a Cappuccino Flapjack and The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel. Especially the last, desperate bit with the screaming bass horns. Feels like such last-decision-making music.My mindset is in a love story - you can't have a good love story without some sense of loss and defeat at some point.