Sunday, 31 August 2014

Frustrated :(

Not the best day, creatively, but kind of revealing, personally. I mean, I notice I still get awfully heated about certain things going on in my line of work. I found tonight, while shooting an opening of a bridge, that the library hired a complete non-photographer, non-teacher for their teaching course, just because, well, he certainly sucked more arse than I know. Not that they hired a bad photie, no. They hired just some loud amateur, close to the sink. And second, while photographing the performance, some fucking retard (he had  a very big lens, so he must have been a pro, right), whose photos get 500% more likes than mine and he gets paid a 1000% more for his work, stood in the middle of the fucking bridge while the girls were dancing. He's in the middle of every fucking shot. He kept pushing his large fucking lens in the organizer's daughter's cunt so insistently, (she was the star of the show) I am almost certain he was hired by the organizer, though I have no idea who that guy is and my life is better for it. I wish I could say I am not worthy to even compare my work to his, but, well, I'm gonna anyway, because this is my blog and I am so incredibly sad by how some people cast a shitty shadow on a profession I admire by being complete and utter fucking morons. 

Amazing work on his part, isn't this? Truly I could never compare.

Makes me wanna never fucking bother shooting any public performance ever again. I just wish I didn't really love doing it for the sound of the mirror retracting every time.. :D