Thursday, 21 August 2014

Some super-touristey pickies from the holiday

The only wait we had - for the Krk-Cres ferry. Also the time when it finally got sunny and hot

The ferry, obviously

Looks like a lot of people were coming, but in truth, hundreds were leaving at the same time

This is the line, miles and miles long, waiting to depart

Though before we got to the shore, this view of a collapsed cave dominated the docks

And this was a buffer. I like buffers. And buoys. And boys.

View from the tent, when it wasn't raining. Later I moved the 'kitchen' box.

On the first day, the 'storage room' was still perfectly neat. On the right is the large inflatable bed.
People on the piers at sundown

The pic is bad, but the colors really were beautiful

The settlement from the outside - the canopy canvas is not there yet, the kayak is still a dead balloon and we haven't really gotten our sea legs yet

Empty road between small villages, with impenetrable shrubbery on each side.

Another view of the evening bay - one of several tiny bays

Docks in Osor

Kids fishing from the pier

Trouble brewing

... To be continued...