Saturday, 30 August 2014

Passed out at 9pm last night, so tired from making all the food, so now at 2am, I can't sleep and am thinking about going out to party.. I can hear fun social things happening all around town..

That was a joke.

But the first part is true; I haven't slept much more than five hours a night this summer, so I get bored after too much of it. I would just make photos or write if tomorrow - oops, today - was not the BD party day.. I've developed a discipline not to think about creative things while unable to put them down.

"I met a Cloud Doctor on the way here."
"A what?"
"A man from another village, who claimed to be a Cloud Doctor. He told me the villagers of the place just above the ridge asked him for help. Every spring and every autumn these really low, cumulus puffs roll up the ridge and make for the most beautiful fog sunrises, only now, lately, they haven't been coming in such amount. They wanted to know why. He took into account all the industry, deforestation and whatnot and told them what to do."
"You just made that up!"
"LoL. You still can't keep your imagination in check."
"It's a wild horse, you're not supposed to rein it."