Wednesday, 6 August 2014

One of these days, like, tomorrow or so, I am going to stuff my beautiful, indecisive husband in a car, along with all our camping/survival/books gear and the pets, dump the pets with these or those parents, and just drive until we find a cute enough camp with cushy waters and sweet red wine and nice yummy little fish and a comfy shadow to read in... And stay there, until I am bored, then move again. I should just be back in time for my birthday. 
   Got my first prezzie today, courtesy of my dear Katarina the Cellist virtuoso :D A wee camera pendant :D Too cute. During a feast of cakes and crumpets we indulged in as a farewell hug alternative.

Things to look forward to, once on the shore: reading, reading Tove Jansson, no screens, no use of any cosmetic products - no shampoos or nail polish or any jewelry... writing on paper and reading books. these just from the top of me head.