Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yasunari Kawabata

LoL, I was looking for some more (light) summer reading, and came across these photos of Yasunari Kawabata .

Love this study. No books, just thought. It would take me ages to get used to sitting like this, but i think it would be worth it. 

He's a Japanese Nobel Prize winner and well, his works are very good and ridiculously depressing... And I couldn't but think of Hemingway and even Marquez, who was a jovial guy - is it like a mandatory personality description for literature giants to be brooding, depressed, melancholy and sombre?It just kind of makes me feel like the dude was a total fucking snob.


Thunder rolling and rumbling around. Rain :D Normally I would like it, but we're departing today and dragging things down to the car in the rain is a bitch :D