Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Five days to the fair or something

Hard to believe, but WoW has gotten to me again. All the things I didn't think were going to pull me in, did. I am still into exploration and archaeology and creating things, also some diplomatic questing and an occasional loot from a rare, but garrison, oh, garrison. At first it didn't seem like I'll find any interest in it, as the buildings were pre-designed and rather planned. But then you get your own mine and garden and workshops and above all else, you get a bunch of weird characters that want to work for you, sending them on missions. I have no idea what purpose that serves, if anything the missions cost, but waking up every morning to see what they've been up to overnight is just like old times. Garrisons are the new fishing dailies. I asked the boys what they thought good odds would be and they said they only send people on quests with 85% success possibilities. That’s just too mathematical for me. I have a rule not to go beneath thirty, but 33% is a third of a chance. Those are the odds I usually have in anything in my daily living.
Following the geekish uprising in my schedule, comes having sexy thoughts about monsters. With Garrosh nowhere in the picture yet and I don’t do good guys, I’m writing  Azog fiction, some of which (stripped of all the graphic details, obviously) will be perfectly useful later, for Kestrel chapters of the Goose.Once I get over the need to add angst to romance of grown-ups.
That said, I spend almost ten hours a day drawing nice things. The chalk is cutting nastily into my palms, but it’s just five more days and then I’m switching to other techniques. I get really tired by nine in the evening, though hating to go to bed so early and in no shape to read or write or even watch anything. Best solution is to go out, so I saw Hunger games 3.0 last night, though I wasn’t planning on it and a night or two before, I was at a party. Unusually active for winter. I should start my indoor climbing class come Monday, to get my body moving. I really do sit a lot. I’ve always wondered how come my arms are oddly well shaped for someone who only ever uses her legs during morning walks and then I remembered: oh, right – I paint like the devil. :)))

Work under construction :P :