Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Things have summat calmed down. It's a new week and I have spent the whole Sunday playing Warcraft, which is enough to distort anyone's reality. You gotsta build your garrison and send people on mission, but also you on your own have a ton of things to do, in a whole new landscape, some of which is eerie and tricky, if endlessly beautiful.And I new orc leader. Well..

I’ve had more crazy food, from excellent cake when we went to sort of ‘mini’ celebrate the cub’s birthday on a sort of a calm family coffee date, to popcorn, when My Maja and I couldn’t get good tickets for Interstellar, so we just bought popcorn, sat in the car and I told her the plot in detail. I spent more time in cool company – first another MB native took me to inspiring places, I had mango ice-cream, which I am completely smitten with, and in my old Kuba, I had coffee masala, an odd blend, which perfectly emphasized the company I’was in. In a way, I got three commissions – a dozen ‘paintings’ for a patisserie café, a short story about freaky little creatures and an article about the unicorn photo. I’ll go see parents today, on my way to get some medicine for G, after an eon. I got a great idea for a reportage, but nobody who would publish it… It’s one of those, ye.I would take my dad to Macedonia, to Skopje, where he once, a long time ago, shot the earthquake devastation. Oddly enough, I met a young man on a train and started talking, because we were both really tired looking and the train ride was for ever - and he turned out to be of Macedonian origin. I wonder if the universe is green-lighting anything for me? :P