Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Interstellar... As if I haven't been freaked out about time as it was....

Well. Other than being spooky, regarding passage of time, which is still one of the great horrors for me to comprehend and accept, like Jeremy said, it was Lincoln Lawyer in space. Don't get me wrong - a behemoth of a movie, but only if I haven't already seen
The Cube
Event Horizon
some dumb Mars movie, Red Planet, I think,
another dumb Mars movie, Mission to Mars or something
Odyssey 2001
Hitchhikers' guide TTG
and I don't know how many other movies that I saw, 
then the plot might not have been entirely predictable. 
But okay, so the plot was predictable and pretty much everyone loses, though it makes a great effort to bring home a happy ending. Also for some reason, although she is awfully lovely, I cannot get Jessica Chastain's acting. Truly, any other A actress could do her performance better. Even Anne Hathaway, which is so weird to watch as a calm scientist, even if she cut her hair like Sandra Bullock in Gravity, was more plausible. Dunno, just the casting of this movie bothered me. Except the robots. Robots are awesome. Marvin FDW.

What I think would make a really good movie, and in no way because I'm a negative person, would be the scene in which her brother comes from the burning field, just as she figures out the wristwatch, and in some stupid pushing around, he would shoot her in the stomach and kill her. That way humanity would be done for, but Brandt would re-populate her lover's barren wasteland alone. It would be really, really sad, but it would make for a much better story.

Loved the first planet, though. The waves? And the fact the time brought them in, so that they just missed the first scientist by few minutes? Fucked up! :D