Thursday, 27 November 2014

The geek in me: History is written by winners... And he lost that one.

Did the weirdest thing today. I wilfully participated in the execution of Garrosh. I've had a crush on Garrosh for about two years now and have decided to stick to his side regardless of his lunacy towards the end. Never tried to raid on him before. His storyline was forwarded by Kestrel’s chapters in Goose, as she was the one who interacted with him and who led the band of warriors, refusing to swear to the next warchief. Well, there was an odd sense of triumph in the darkness when he didn’t die at the siege of Orggrimar and I never lost hope that he’ll come around. Funny, that. Even the way he went, I could sense that he was fucked up and full of conflict. He fled to another time and another realm and everyone followed him. Me, personally, refused to go to war against him, I even overlooked the fact that he build a throne for himself right next to where I was stationed. But, in an odd need for closure, I sent Kestrel with his enemies to take on the garrison and although he was surrounded by hot-blooded people and seemed quite interested in murdering me (and Durotan but fuck him), that annoying ex-chief Thrall showed up and challenged Garrosh to a “one riot, one ranger” stand-off. It was disturbing to watch. (Excellent cinematic, actually, great music and weather gloom.) And that’s how he died. Desperate. Defeated. The scene in which he is flailing fists at Thrall’s face, screaming “You left me---!” wrenched my gut. Not a very happy family, these Hellscream people. His father was a dick to his mom as she was begging to die a warrior’s death and he called her a weakling, he was a dick to his people, I can’t wait to see what the father guy will try to do to us once he finds out.
There will be a lot of issues going through Kestrel’s mind when I write about this decision of hers  in the book – that she agrees to watch her husband die by the hands of the righteous. Closures blow, really. Though I loved one of the comments from players below:
"Hey Thrall, what about the axe? Thrall?" *whistles* (takes Gorehowl, hurries off)