Thursday, 13 November 2014

Just there.

Two weeks before the winter fair and I am still not feeling it. I promised the General I'll be loving every minute of it, but somehow, today, it's still just not there. There are images in my head that may look cute, translated onto paper, but the hands feel heavy and the mind wanders.
                 We had another okay rehearsal tomorrow, except for one of the people in a small role acting like all of it is stupid. I wish people didn't do that. Be on for the ride or don't be, but don't drag your feet and voice it in front of others. It felt mean, just a little. 
                 The spread for National Geographic came in and they're going for the detail cut as opposed to studio shot. The cut is bad as a photo. It feels like they're intentionally choosing something that looks like a lucky shot as opposed as something done by a professional. I'll post both at some point. I just don't get it. The interviews are lagging and Drej jinxed me, saying I should only post one a week. The attempt to post all three has now been three weeks in the making, so ... I need to pray to the spirit of Henry Mayhew, which is of course done by writing good interviews. But at least I've gotten some money yesterday and am now eating a very good sandwich.
                 To quote Bilbo, I'm not feeling spread too thin, just ... watered down. I know that every year i start to question my photography skills and my drawing skills and my writing skills, an evolution as on time as clockworks. The winter then drains me gray and in spring, I am energized again. Don't think about the things you doubt when you're in a bad mood - I know, I know. I'm just ranting. 

Word I love this week: cadence.
Word I don't like: caucus. It sounds like people fighting, for some reason.