Monday, 3 November 2014

Making some pickies, trooper weekend

Saturday was sunny and lovely, Day of the Dead. Dead dead, not living dead. Though National Geographic made sure to keep up and fronted an article about zombies - the real world ones, insects and parasites. I haven't read it yet, because that is one of the few things left in this world I cannot face - the concept of my body being used to grow another thing, protruding my skin, eating on my brain until I am a puppet. Conscious, but having to exist only to comprehend there is nothing that can save me anymore. Some parasites are not survivable. It just freaks me out too much. Am working on it. 
I've had popcakes and coffee with My Maja, basking in the library cafe, then I joined the General's family to go to the cemetery. They visit several graves to light a candle and then there's a mass where everyone stands before their departed family and I don't know what exactly happens, but I suppose people pray Our Father. I was counting the cars in the field, dubbing as a parking lot. There were about 340 and out of those 20 were red and 6 were green. Some moved.

We walked to the site, so lunch wasn't destructive on my stamina and the walk back was nice, too, very warm and scenic. I did some drawings for the possible fair (still think they'll skip me on principle, even though I am the only one who sells greeting cards), then went to the movies with Maja to watch Equalizer. (It was the only half decent thing on at the time.) It was okay. Bit brutal. General watched it when I went to see Gone Girl and said mine was more icky. I've had words with him about it since. 

Sunday, though we stringed excuses against it, morning came and we decided to go hunting. This is where my trooper bit comes in. My new hiking shoes are still hurting me, so we dug out some very old but oddly amazing army shoes of mine from day long past. Those were some good shoes! It was mine and Lyra's first communal hunt of the season and it was great. Us, the chasers, had to walk though a field of some fucking voluptuous plant, soaked in fog and dew, so in no time we were soaked in fog and dew and my clothes were dripping. It was bitchy cold, but not as long as we were moving. We had to cross an oddly high water for the season, which was another example of 'how to get amazingly wet very quickly'. But still, I was long it. Wasn't that cold or that wet since basic training. Lyra did great, she sniffed out deer from the swamp shrubbery like a pro. Though of course deer run really, REALLY freakishly amazingly fast and Lyra has very short legs, so that was that for her ability versus enthusiasm. I walked too close to the line between the field and the forest, where the thick swamp growth was and consequently the animals were hiding and almost got hit by emerging deer twice before I decided I would be better off at some distance. Those things are completely invisible until you are practically standing on top of them. Amazing little fuckers. 

Some people I was with got bored and cold and slacky, so I separated and decided to explore the forest onwards, which proved to be the right call, as the hunt was nowhere near over and only another half hour inwards was where the General was stationed, in camouflage and all hardcore sexy like a hunter of the deep dark woods. (Sexy to the max, though not at all prolific.) I went on, stomping out the fart shrooms, which give off a dusty cloud of spores. I like to consider myself involved in procreation of fungi. Makes me feel environmentally important.

Back, soaked, I changed my shoes and we had brunch at his family, then went home and did not much for the rest of the day. WoW expansion beta is on, with bonus play days, which guys took advantage of and I watched West Wing and drew some more. Am transcribing the cleaning lady interview and reading Van Gogh's letter to his brother... Though you really never can take that seriously again, after having read Woody Allen's take on the  lot.At some point, while General was soaking in boiling bath, Lyra started to act summat crazy, shaking her head and whining, like something got into her ear and was agitating her. We checked and still she was going around completely restless. Not in pain, just extremely... Euphoric. Once we allowed her to nap in our day room, she was perfectly fine, but while in her kennel, she was nuts. Her energy is awesome - last year after the first hunt she was out for days.

So, it was a weekend of good food, good sex, good books and TV, great company, great outdoors and some very, very wet old army boots. And some chalk drawings :D