Monday, 10 November 2014

My phone and my net are off, meaning I gotsta go to a cafe to access mail, but as I have no money, I am drinking tea for coins. Good Gods but tea is a ghastly substitute for coffee... Anyways, as I am not constantly tempted with the net, evil illusion, I have gotten an amazing amount of work done over the weekend. The third season of Newsroom has begun and I just haven't the time or means to care. The upcoming interviews are awesome and will be posted as soon as, well, I get the fucking net back.

Meanwhile, am reading a cool book about historical journalism "The Art of Fact", loving the ... fact that, what I am trying to do, was a lot harder and a lot more effective, thorough a lot more grief, before my time. Henry Mayhew was awesome. Though I've only gotten as far as Walt Whitman. Am looking forward to the guys closer to my era.

How fucking hard must it be to start a war??

Have all but finished writing the tale of woe for... Goose, I think. I dunno. It does and does not fit. Yet. It is a story about Cole going back in time in Fantasy land, to investigate an assault on an Elf prince, but the kicker is, this all takes place about 400 years before any of them have ever met. So, more important than the investigation into the nature of hate crimes, is the opportunity for the gang to meet all pf those people they'll later a) lose in Startracker or b) lose their loved ones BEACUSE of these people in Startracker battle. Namely Spiff. Spiff doesn't feature in Goose, other than a mention, nor did he ever feature much in the previous books. So, legends aside, do I want an opportunity to, quite with easy and comfortable language to it, explain by example why Spiff was the key player in the destruction of the Pagans, come his time?
Probably. I am a sucker for the retrograde.