Tuesday, 21 April 2015

"Abyss" on TV the other day triggered my Ed Harris phase again. I'm re-watching his movies - The Third Miracle, which I once liked, a long time ago; The Truman Show, which I always like and always remember for the philosophy classes I took in college, regarding intimacy of existence, choices and several people who suffer from the sense of being in a TV show.. Then there's Needful things, which, oddly enough, I have never seen and I still am not going to, because the book was so freaky, (And I really don't like Max Von Sydov); I watched Frontera, which I can't say I fully understood the point of.. and Gone Baby Gone. History of Violence was also on my list, but I saw that a few months ago and have no need for another dosage. I come on and off my fascination with Mortensen.

Spent the morning helping dad in the vineyard - which is in fact a whole-day event, as then we are so tired afterwards there's not much put on that timetable. Gotsta work on the pamphlet tomorrow, and Wednesday is a jog day. I can't seem to get my feet (specifically ankles) to support me in the long run - literally. I just hurts like a bitch. Frustrating, considering the rest of my body is really anxious to get back on track and my lungs are great.

Still reading HHhH. What is the difference between a war and a revolution? The French, when they lost it, slaughtered pretty much everyone they saw fit, even though at the beginning their list was shorter - this is exactly how the removal of certain individuals was for the WWII, which with a little pencil pushing from Heydrich graduated to holocaust. To pull back from the nightmare, I watch Jane the Virgin. It's a delicate balancing act.