Saturday, 25 April 2015

Updates :)

I spent yesterday running around, completely euphoric, because I got this nuts idea and it kept buzzing in my head like a hive. I got up too early and decided to grab a local newspaper, the mutt and run uphill (funny how I don't need any rest stops at all when I am excited about something, eh?), to ask my parents what they think. Though mum initially thought i would embarrass myself and dad was for, they both talked one over the other when I was asking their opinion. It's amazing how these are the only two people in creation I can completely understand when they are talking in stereo. I never though I don't write fast enough. Well, an hour later, as much as I had, I had to find the dog, grab the notes and run downhill again, steal the General's car and take the dog home. Drej was waiting for me already and we drove to Tinka's shop - for the first time. As aforementioned, we photographed fewd and then ate most of it and what we could, we took home. So now I am making pickies of amazing fresh pastry WHILE eating it. My life is so dope. I am still euphoric - even if the yesterday idea is slowly and surely starting to rethink things and run away screaming.

This morning I told off a couple of nice nurses in my grandma's retirement home, because she insisted she's in pain and needs to go to the doctor. With my grandma, who was Moses's classmate at some point, you can never really know if she's just in need of attention or actually two days away from greener pastures. But I know that a while back she had a nasty gastritis and they just wrote it off as old age until finally they noticed it's an actual and very curable condition that could happen to anybody. So now I rather see they run some tests and then ignore her. But the fact is, she started the day very depressed and despondent and then we loaded her onto a wheelchair and we rode around town - General called that there has been a report of a super granny speeding and breaking traffic limits all over downtown ... Then we had to wait at the emergency doctor's office for an hour, where I had nice, regular bitching confrontations with people also waiting there... There was this funny moment (My gran was a very loud, strict woman who got things done, always. I always hoped to inherit some of that talent, but this was the first time it happened), when every time the nurse called in another patient, people would just start rushing in, all over. After I told off, very loudly and with very calm, serious words, very civilized, some woman, there was just silence for a while. The next time the nurse called for the next person, nobody dared move and somebody said: isn't it your turn now, please? All it takes for people to start acting like they haven't just gotten off trees is a little bit of my grandma's spirit. 

The young doctor lady checked the blood-works and the sort and said that it was flawless and actually remarkable and explained that the pains are probably also bad backbone, that no, there is no cancer or infection and that gran is in fact in pristine condition. It was something the nurses have explained to gran repeatedly, but now an emergency doctor said it, so it must be true. Gran was a lot more chatty and lively on the way back. I put sunglasses on her and made motorcar sounds when we 'drove' faster. It was actually fun. Now she'll be happy for a little while longer.

Off to make pickies for Tinka now. I gotsta make an interview with her, because I think what she's doing is awesome. Fucking pastry shop. With healthy pastry! And the General doesn't like it, it's not fatty, sweet and large enough for him, so I don't bother explaining anything, I just grin and keep it all for myself. Sucker :D