Thursday, 9 April 2015

Dad calls me this morning and starts to mutter something about if I'd have time to drive him to the other side of the country thi afternoon, to a lecture on pesticides in vineyard-keeping. I'm like ... er, well, I have a booked timetable and I really don't enjoy driving all that much, but then mum confirms it's important and I certainly wouldn't let him drive on his own ... Of course that was his plan all along, to take the General's car and get him back home safely ... 
I am a very slow and careful driver and the only thing I am worse at than driving is navigation. Luckily dad knew how to get us to the town we needed to get to. It was only because we didn't know WHERE in town (and my phone was turned off), that we arrived 40 minutes late. But we decided on a very lovely route, maintained and scenic, and it was a great time spent together. We hardly fought once, which is a record. Usually we start hissing like kittens at one another within an hour. And we drove pass the most famous doughnut post in the country, so I brought home a wheelbarrow full of doughnuts.

Read though half of Clariel during the lecture, too. I'm starting to be quite at home in schools. It helps that by now everywhere they have coffee vendor machines and I love vendor cocoa :D