Thursday, 30 April 2015

Freaky movie dream

Had this freaky dream today, one of my movie dreams – which in fact I was hoping would last longer, so I would get some answers. The movie was a blend of the Cube, a doc about being taken hostage in Bolivia, movie Blindness and my army days.
In the dream, I woke up, along with some 30 or so other people, in a room of a military barracks. The room was clean and not that of an abandoned compound. The people were South Americans – I remembered I’ve been hitchhiking and taking train rides in Bolivia, though most of my luggage was gone. Most of possessions on the people were also gone – all phones, wallets and small weapons, like knives. I touched my leg to see when was the last time I shaved (as suggested in The Cube). Everyone was freaking out, so I started to tell them to calm down, be quiet, sit down, conserve their energy and just try to think. There were not enough beds for everyone, but all of the beds were neatly made – no dust on them, either. The door was locked and the window wasn’t only barred, but also there was a screen over it, so we couldn’t see outside. I suggested we make a small hole and peek – in case something outside was bad for us, some kind of gas or radiation or very cold or volcano ash.But it was just a fence and a forest. Truth was, nobody could remember anything pass the train ride. It didn't even seem like we were dragged. I asked if there is anyone sick or injured and there was a woman with an asthmatic child and a man with diabetes, so I asked people if anyone had any candy or gum with eucalyptus, which may help the kid a little and my only water bottle went to the diabetic guy. A hysterical woman beside him agreed to watch over him in case he started to get sick – it is always good to give people a purpose. I also asked any methodical, mathematical thinkers to take our names and dates and try to figure out any connection that would bring us closer to answers. Dates, blood types, anything. The diabetic man, whom I decided will trust more than others, because it was difficult to do everything on my own, I asked to shield me with a sheet while he checks the skin on my body for needle marks or any other kind of abnormalities. We agreed that in best case scenario this was some sick government experiment and in worse, bar an epidemic, we were in for organ trade. There was a hysterical man there – the guy that I know from my employment workshop, who continued to pick on me and argue with me, so I told him that since he is clearly in need to keep speaking up and a pessimist, he can be the leader. So that when someone comes, he should try to get as much information from them as possible. The diabetic guy asked me why I suggested such a man as the leader and I replied that in case we were being held hostage or being used for organ harvest, the kidnappers tend to kill someone early on as an example and he seemed the right choice. As terrible as that may sound, every study shows that 50% of fatalities in mixed groups under prolonged life-threatening situations is caused by other people.
As the time passed, it became more and more clear that nobody is holding us hostage – we really did not have anything in common – and even if someone put us here in try to help us or protect us, they were not coming back. If this was quarantine, we were left behind. People began to need the bathroom and we didn’t have anything. I took my 3 mattresses (army mattresses are 1x1meter times 3 for easier transport and you have to know how to make a military bed – it’s a system.) and put them in a corner, so that when people would pee on them, it wouldn’t flood all over the room. We used my sheets to make a makeshift latrine and put some spare clothes over excrement. In two days we ran out of all the water and food and nothing was happening. We broke ‘my’ bed to make tools and worked the door until it gave. I went outside (I insisted we wait for daybreak), to look for people, but the compound was empty or either hostiles or any evidence of foul-play or disaster. No traps or visible cameras, either. There were other people in the rooms, whom I suggested they do the same with bed-legs and try to unhinge the doors. Once I made sure there is nothing dangerous outside – just a Bolivian forest and a dirt road, I looked for some food and water, but there was nothing. We didn’t want to linger too long. Under the pretense of taking everyone’s name and date, we assembled everyone in the yard. In lines, according to rooms. People were terribly tired and hungry, but they were also angry and afraid. I said this is in case some of us get to town and alarm search and rescue, so that we find everyone. But I kept shifting people out of lines, though nobody (the diabetes guy suspected) saw the pattern. This was in case someone was scanning our thermal imagery: I spelled the words F U C K  Y O U. Then we started going down the road and into the forest, leaving the ugly, eerie grey military complex behind. Never any answers, never any closure. I woke up and really wanted to go back to get to town and drum up the police and media until some answers were offered… But I couldn’t go to sleep afterwards. And it was almost 8 a.m. already – time to get the heck up and go shoot Tinka’s food porn :P (Photos of her goodies coming soon.)