Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Avengers, Ultron (some spoilers, beware)

Incidentally went to a 3D screening of Avengers: Age of Ultron.. I am not a fan of 3D, because the technology is not very good in my town just yet and it usually really ruins the experience – my head hurts, I can't see shit, the ticket is 50% more expensive and I can hardly follow the story, trying to look around the screen for details while action unfolds. If I had known it was going to be in 3D, I'd have waited till tomorrow. In fact I felt like one of those war generals, so obsessed with getting something done to a certain date, they ignore any warning or stats on casualties – they just want that hill by that hour! … I was worried that the longer I wait, the more I will be told about the plot and I didn't really want as many spoilers as I usually need to be calm about a story. I didn't want to learn, say, that Hawkeye dies or something like that. I mean, he doesn't. But I didn't want to know that. I enjoyed the worry.
As it turns out, the technology is catching up a little and this was actually an amazing experience. In fact, it was slightly addictive. I just may see another in 3D… Like Mad max or something.
Anyways, regarding the movie … It could have been longer. I think there would have been more of a story development – or stories – if it was way longer and all of the people besides the Avengers weren't just a few second cameos. I don't know any back stories or if knowing them would make a difference – what was the deal with Strucker? And Heimdall? Nat and Banner? Really? Except Stan lee, he's always so cute as a cameo. Like Jeremy Jahns said it – it was awesometacular and there are moments there that you just go: WHOA!!... and the whole crowded theatre goes: whoa!, but also, there are small and very fun moments – or quite sad.
I remember thinking – if I was a kid, some of the scenes there would haunt me in my sleep. My first and worst childhood fear was the Terminator – the relentless skeleton of metal, just coming and coming and coming after Sarah. I saw that movie way too young and it haunted me for years. It was behind every corner, at the end of every dark corridor, behind every slope.. There is a scene here, when Ultron first crashes the party, there's all this oil goo and the wiring hanging off and the limp 'limbs' twitching and flailing… That shit was frigging scary. Even now, adult me, when I can eat while watching zombies eat or watching Babadook and enjoying the editing, it was scary.
On the first Avengers, I made a list of all the awesome lines or moments. There were several here, not as many, but I don't wanna spoil too much. CBG19 said she enjoyed Hawkeye's storyline and it was lovely. Or that one joke that continues through the film - you'll notice it. I will admit that I did find both of the twins quite adorable – the first time I could watch the Olson, well, sibling of the other infamous twins, and not think she's terrible. And the boy was one of the most handsome boys I have ever seen. Hair maketh the man! (*hkhm*WinterSoldier*hkhm*) Yeesh Gods – in a band of ridiculously attractive people, he still made me want to slow him down and listen to his obligatory accent. Last I saw him he was Kick-Ass and there he was painful to watch. They grow up so fast...
Funny thing, I did envy his relationship with the sister a bit. It wasn't Nuala/Nuada weird or anything. I really never understood  that connection. I don't like most of my siblings. I cannot imagine touching them. I certainly never enjoyed being in the room with most of them. My bestie Maja didn't come with me today, because she already had a time scheduled to spend with her little boy – and suddenly it occurred to me how cool it must be to spend time with another human being who is your son. These are emotions and sentiments I will never experience. It's not that I miss them, but I so seldom think about them and today I thought about them twice.Sat in the theater till the very last credits roll and ...

...No second easter egg?? What the fuck, guys?!