Saturday, 25 April 2015


I got this really weird PTSD moment yesterday... G was watching TV and one of the channels was re-running a classic show, one  of the cutest comedies series of when we were young: 'Allo 'Allo... It's really funny shit, about this French barkeeper, his loud wife, his mistresses, his cafe and all the people who come in - during the WWII, when Germans are occupying the region. You have Nazis and Gestapo officers being silly and an Italian idiot flirting his helmet off... Everyone is after this lost piece of art, the fallen Madonna with the big Boobies... Resistance and hiding pilots and whatnot. Really, it's funny. I always thought it's super funny. 

It may be a little while before I think so again. Am almost through with Heydrich's biography. There was nothing funny about Gestapo, ever. People have forgotten a little bit about that, but... I couldn't watch a funny little show, I just started to cry and get really angry kids in school have no ideas what a Holocaust is, was, or what to do to make sure that shit never happens again.