Monday, 5 June 2017

Aaaaaaand we're down to 3-level shading... Which I no longer like. But I got to it, so, bye bye now.

Kay builds Morphei Cliffcave, his new house. She uses sand and limestone found at the shore he made for himself, and she makes it half-cave, as that is where he grew up in, a cave, and is fond of them. Cliffcave is great, though; I designed it nigh a decade ago and I still love it. There are no doors, no windows, it's very small, five or so half rooms, with a long thin swimming poor and a revolver-mobile library. 

The car, Red King's old B.Continental, in truth is fairly battered by now, having been backed into a shop window and an ocean at some point, respectively, but I didn't have the heart to hurt it here :D