Sunday, 11 June 2017


So Golte (pronounced ghol-teh) is a 1500 meters elevation ski resort, a sweet sweet spot for avid skiers and a majestic place in the summer mostly forlorn, when you can spend the day roaming about, giving cyclists who manage to ascend dirty looks of envy :D G and I drove up to the hotel (closed for out of season, and all the machines sleeping), then walked to the peaks. Obviously i fell behind as soon as I spotted the first unfamiliar flower, then got lost completely, because I assumed he gravitated towards the cottage. In truth he found a remote location to erect his spy scope, took off his shirt and enjoyed the loneliness and quiet. Unfortunately he then unleashed Starbark to come find me and although she did and quickly, she mistook the action of unleashing in the near-forest location for a start-of-hunt signal and began to sprint around in 10-mile-wide eights, barking and yapping hysterically, chasing confused animals. G wasn't happy about this and I worried just a little someone might shoot her, but she is well trained and knows to chase game back to the hunter's spot, so all I had to do is intercept her on her next return. Poor thing was so out of breath and scratched, she nigh exploded. Chasing imaginary rabbits is the best thing ever. She was in such a good mood that when I rolled around the grass later, pretend swimming to cheer G up, she skidded around me on her back and made growling noises if I stopped scratching her tummy. 

View towards Kamniške Alpe. Note the pools they keep to be used in winter for ice for the snow-canons..
Here we played 'Spot the General'... Can you spot him? No, I couldn't either. That's because I was wearing a bright red t-shirt, standing in the middle of a kill-zone clearing and he was in camo clothes, behind a rock, inside a bush, in a forest, looking at me through a telescope.
"How did you not see me? I was waving at you."
Becase I was a mile away and the sun was into my eyes. 

Barky, exhausted and bloody and happy as a firecracker.