Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Had another good fidelity dream. Probably from all the excitement, I mixed a memory of a man I used to be attracted to and one of the authoritative medics from last night (“You can’t be sleeping now, you’re talking to me. Come, talk to me. Tell me stuff. It’s rude not to talk to me, you don’t want to be rude, do you? Wake up…”into a scenario in which the man from my past and I meet by chance at some event or some resort. G is there, but preoccupied, so the two of us walk back to the resort and we talk. The man explains how he’s happily in love and his life if good, is perfect. We get to a small station, like a beauty salon kiosk ran by four Filipino ladyboys, whom I am happy to meet, because back on the boat I was very friendly with the trans beauticians and they were all so very pretty, coolest dancers and I took a ton of pics for and of them. The guy and I are left alone for a spell as the four run an errand. The guy begins to admit he was so messed up after our hook-up years ago, he even considered joining a monastery. I mock him plenty, but encourage his honesty. The ego engorged almost as much as my genitals, horny as hell, somehow we start to rub, he loses it, admits he thinks about me all the time, we start to take our clothes of and just as he thinks this is happening, just as he is about to penetrate, the thought occurs to me: how far I can take this before it’s too far and G will get upset?.... er… ye, this would be that point. So, I move away and stop the whole blueballs situation before it happens. The beauticians return and I get a mani-pedi.
                Even in my dreams, even totally turned on, even naked and ready to go, I will stay faithful to the thought of insulting G. My cunt makes excuses like there’s no tomorrow every time, often even reminding me this is a dream, but the heart always shuts it up: if it was a fucking moon or a magic bubble or a submarine under fire, we are staying faithful to our beau.