Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The air is getting hot around here. People aren't feeling well. In the stores the fridges with Coke are always empty and everyone’s a little bit sick from the ACs and ceiling fans. The heat stroke I suffered last year still bares consequences on me: the body no longer enjoys the tremendous temperatures I was able to indulge in the army and in Africa, but begins to instantly whine, causing me to feel dizzy and like I’m about to throw up. My hands shake mostly. My blood pressure is too low. Coffee’s been overdone; I’ve built up my immunity, so I’m switching to Coke Zero until I am effected again. It’s an easy poison. Drej came back from Tuscany and we took a stroll, making two stops for ice-cream at a woman’s we both find superlative. Her mango mesh is a joke. It’s ground so fine it’s a creamy paste full of flavour and magic. It’s not too sweet, either. I started with cheesecake and blueberry, but ended with mango and lemon. The later were better choices, unsweetened, water-based, bitter as fuck, beyond delicious. It was like putting minute spoons of earliest morning in yourself.