Thursday, 1 June 2017

Tovelyn of Tooke comic

Okay, so, I am slowly starting to conjure this new companion comic to Goose, based on the itinerary I made with the watercolours few days ago. It's part of the last story of the second chapter, in which Kay and Orc head out towards the islands - he for some much needed vacation before last battle and she to find what happened to the ranger who came this way. There are 89 days of the original journey recorded, with four pages later found. Same as my itinerary, this is 'harmonica' folded patchwork of page after page. On one side it's a dark itinerary, oddly drawn by an amateur with an odd interest in odd things, though shy and proper, and on the other is a personal journal. Tovelyn was/is a confused character, secretive and complicated, not even their gender is known, and looking for clues on the increasingly bizarre map will be the base of the story...


Back cover - rules of the March

 Page 2 and 3 front

Page 2 and 3 back