Saturday, 10 June 2017

Casual saturday

We were planning on going hiking today, but weather discouraged it, so the other family quality time option came ready: checking out the new McDonald's and a crappy adventure movie of the popcorn variety. At least this time I knew the movie will be stupid and designed exclusively for pompous entertainment, with so many blockbuster cliches crammed in it Tom Cruise hardly had time to run all the time, sometimes he had to swim very fast for a very long time! (You know, it's Tom Cruise - if  there's going to be a water scene it's likely it will last for a very long time..) The tiny Sofia Boutella did an excellent job again, she's such a cute kid trying so hard to keep up with the big boys, and you got some mandatory funny sidekick scenes with zombie Jake Johnson, who is a direct middle ground between Andy Warski and Oscar Isaac. But honestly. In these Mummy movies the mummy is always the only interesting thing, and if pay truly close attention, you'll spot the Book of Amun-Ra for a split second even in this one :D