Tuesday, 19 December 2017

For fuck's sakes – people going ON and ON and ON about how disappointed they were with the Last Jedi, how directors are more fans than authors, how this is the end of Star wars …
Are you fucking joking?! Have you ever even SEEN the original movies, they are a JOKE made for children! The acting is abhorrent, the special effects are made with duct tape, the synch job is terrible and the plot is befitting a cartoon! … Now, 40 years of hype later, with fans with pitchforks and geriatric nerds being so fucking into details they can name the brother’s hairdresser’s aunt from a BOOK written about the second cousin of a villain from the TV show based upon a meme of a second prequel, they will spot the wrong cannon on a TIE fighter, these moves are trying to please the entire PLANET. Still, all you get from everyone is ‘I hated this, I didn’t like that, I thought that was pointless, I could’ve totally lived without that…’
Fuck you, idiots. If a movie is great, it kills the franchise. If it’s entertaining, it’s the end of the saga. If it’s bad, it’s just ruined everything. Fuck you. These are CHILDREN’S movies made to sell toys and tickets at amusement parks! They’re not meant to be the great cinematic renaissance of the western pop for the 21st century.
Go watch the originals again with a brain that high-wire to hammer the message across, and tell me how magnificently flawless and masterful those were, I dare you. Let’s see how far you get before you knee-jerk yourself into a retinal caries.