Saturday, 30 December 2017

Just an ordinary day

Such a cute coffee date with G <3 I described and read to him little bits of Rebecca (Du Maurier), then we played chess. He absolutely assassinated me in the first round, so swiftly and elegantly I am still proud of him ... The second one I surrendered after a while, having lost almost all off my assault pieces, playing a little too vehemently :D When you know you will always lose, playing is a lot more fun. A pair of Romani kids drank their Red Bulls at the next table, happily watching us play. 

I've watched
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
and first episode of Made in Abyss,
all of which I heartily recommend.

Now I'm off to bake my second attempt at chocolate cake ... I burnt the first batter to charcoal. I've no idea how. I'm guessing the oven is slightly too enthusiastic. The scond one was done after ten minutes, instead of perscribed 45...

What an amazing painting this is. It reminds me of the Šubic dudes, a family of our own authors from the same era - 1891 - the author in this case being Luke Fildes. Dunno, it's just such a tragically, fantastically, well captured moment - the helplessness of the parents, the frustration of a doctor up all night, the fucked up kid... Fildes's own eldest died of typhoid fever at the age of one. You can tell.