Friday, 22 December 2017

Bright (Netflix, 2017) - buddy cop movie meets Magic the Gathering

Watched Bright. It's not very good and if you skip the shoot-out scenes there's about 20 minutes of film left, but I enjoyed the pedestrian lore and the End of Watch vibe. Will Smith is always watchable. I thought Joel Edgerton as the not-too-bright but idealistic Orc was lovely. And there is one instance in which a lady is killed which is really very pretty - she turns into this glass piece of art on the wall, half alive, half energy. Never seen that before, except the usual people being cemented into walls in an instant from time to time, magic gone awry. So, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, but certain details put into it, like the opening credits graffiti, and the concept of Los Angeles being so ridiculously violent ... Those bits I'll watch again.